2 Americans Walk to the Beach…

Have you ever woken up with a plan and watched it work itself out? If yes, good for you! If no, I feel ya!

Sadly but excitingly we are winding down on the amount of weekends left in Valencia. Yesterday, we stayed inside and enjoyed the art of nothing while we watched the heat rays seep into our room.

Today we had the plan to go to the center of the city and then to the beach for fireworks….the first part worked.

This morning we headed to the center of the city (our favorite). I could barely sleep I was so excited because my first stop was an amazing coffee shop hidden in the side streets of Valencia. We had success in finding last minute gifts and we were finally able to experience the market.

The market is a large building (resembles Union Station in St. Louis) that is packed with food vendors, hanging meats, fresh everything, an overwhelming smell of fish, bunches of people, and random souvenir shops hidden within. It’s an experience to say the least!


I bought some organic olive oil and also nearly became drunk off of about 2 tablespoons of homemade wine…I think I discovered Spain’s version of moonshine.

We returned home to go to the beach. The plan was to meet new students at 4 then hang out until fireworks at midnight.

Wellllllllllll we got there at 4 and no one showed up. So this is how our night actually turned out..(in a nutshell)

We ran into a Gelato World Tour. Yup. You read that correctly. I tried a roasted pumpkin (not that good), a blackberry lemon (AMAZING…but too sugary for me), nougat (still not sure what that exactly tastes like but not bad), and “grandma’s cookies” (the name should tell you how that was). All for €5!


From there we ran into an Egyptian Fair where I played with some falcons/owls? (I couldn’t tell you what I actually played with…)


After I got my pictures with the giant bird we enjoyed the sun for a quick moment. I wasn’t feeling good after all of the sugar from gelato so I wanted to head home. Well not so fast! We ran into an International Rugby Tournament on the beach.

When I say we ran into things I mean it. These things pop up like chia pets.

We ended up sitting for 2 hours watching a sport we knew absolutely nothing about and screaming Oohs and Ahs when no one else did. It was a men and women’s tournament so it was quite interesting!

The most interesting part was when an old lady sat down right next to me and constantly whacked me with her umbrella. Oh no ladies and gentlemen. Not just a normal umbrella. An umbrella with Asian baby faces on it…see picture below…sometimes people just can’t make this stuff up.


After the tournament was over we walked back home after passing a costume volleyball tournament, people of different ethnicities in authentic garb, and a bunch of bicyclists. One never knows what you will find at the Valencia beach.

Our walk home was interesting because I had to walk our 30 minute walk without shoes because I had cuts on my feet. Who knows why…

About a block away from home 3 little ladies asked me why I had no shoes on. They were genuinely concerned! It took me by complete surprise that a) someone in Spain addressed me b) they were genuinely concerned and c) they were incredibly nice. I’m not saying all people in Spain are rude, but it’s just not the same as in the US.

I received an incredible amount of looks because I had no shoes on. I have seen minor porn break out on park benches, children using the restroom in the middle of a sidewalk, and nearly naked people walk around and they receive not a second glance. But Oh No! Walk around without shoes and you might as well just wear a neon sign asking to be stared at. Maybe I will walk around naked next time with sneakers and see how many stares I get. (Just kidding mom!)

I understand why the ladies were concerned now…see below….


After I jumped straight into the shower only to fill it with black grime, I enjoyed a wonderful FaceTime with my entire family.

Life is great and maybe not having your plans work out is for the best. If my plans wouldn’t have fallen through I wouldn’t have done any of the unique and exciting things today.

Tomorrow we might be heading to a medieval festival…who knows what might actually happen!

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “2 Americans Walk to the Beach…

  1. Great post and pictures. I’m thinking if the kids are urinating on the sidewalk AND it’s been the scene of porn movies, I wouldn’t want to walk barefoot, but hey, that’s just me. You look great in the pictures–healthy & happy!

  2. caitlyn —

    i love all the food photos! truly one of the greatest things about travelling abroad — something for all the senses — new sights, new smells, new sounds, new tastes, and of course new perspectives! muy feliz!!

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