Welcome to my soapbox

I think I’ve been doing pretty well today. Get to STL and run through the delay issues. Get excited to go to London, then that dream gets slaughtered. Finally get a flight through Miami and I am told that my luggage will be there for me.


Luckily, I prepared myself to not expect my luggage. I was cool, calm, and collected. I am not a high maintenance person…

Then time kept passing and the tears have started to build. As everyone plans to go out I realize I still look like an American and have nothing to change into. Then we are told we have a walking tour tomorrow…which means I’ll be sweating in the same exact clothes that I have been traveling in for approximately 18 hours. That also means that I can’t shower…why shower to jump back into dirty clothes?

I don’t even want to begin on my phone. I turn my cell data off and yet I have bars and am receiving text messages…hello large, unexpected, phone bill when I return.

I spent $70 on a taxi today because my lost luggage debacle costed me my free ISA ride. If you know me at all you’ll know that I’m off budget now, which puts me in a bad mood.

Rumor has it within the student population here that the airline should reimburse me if they can’t find my luggage in a certain amount of time. How much time you ask? Top rated answer has been: one week.

One week. Is this a joke?

So before I jump ahead let’s have everyone pray that my luggage shows up before I flip out. I’ve stayed calm. As calm as I can be while not having any of my clothes or shoes and looking like the biggest American tourist in the heart of Spain.

Did I even mention that everything is super expensive here? I paid $12 for a tiny bottle of water and a tiny slice of tortilla española. (Turns out it was some kind of egg and hash concoction). Bring on the weight loss! (Kidding…slightly)

Let the games begin.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my soapbox

  1. So it sounds like your having a “blast”. All of the stuff that has happened to you are my worst fears of traveling alone hence why I never have!!! Haha! Just a suggestion can’t you just buy some clothes?

  2. maybe you’ll buy new clothes, adorable new shoes and then the luggage will still show up after that and woo hooo…..win….win…..!!! Though, I’m sure you’d rather not go broke at your first stop in spain! keep us posted on if/when that luggage turns up!

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