3 Weeks…

I’m constantly being asked, “When do you leave?” “When do you get back?” Etc. etc. Please, let me set the record straight: I leave May 22 and return August 7.

I will be attending the University of Valencia and taking a total of 4 classes, all taught in Spanish. Yes, I know. Let’s say it all together, shall we? Yikes!

Today I gave about a 12 minute long Spanish presentation and I can honestly say that I’ve been more nervous giving a presentation in English. If you know me at all then you’ll know that talking in front of crowds does not phase me whatsoever. I thought for sure speaking in Spanish for that long in front of my classmates would make me freak out. Surprisingly, I was calm and it went well (at least I think/hope it did).

My point is that I’m living in Spain so I can be completely fluent. I don’t want to be “educationally fluent,” I want to be native fluent. Giving that presentation today made me realize I’m closer than I thought I was, which is a huge relief! I was so nervous about landing in Spain and being the little, white girl trying to speak Spanish.

Now that I have a little weight off of my shoulders I thought I would feel lighter. Then I made the mistake of walking into my room and seeing the large suitcase I took out a few days ago to start the Tetris game, I like to call packing. Main concern? My shoes!!! How is a girl (with quite large feet) supposed to pack enough shoes for two months? It’s like asking an alcoholic to pack either alcohol or clothing. What would you choose?

Tomorrow is the 3 week marker until I go on this life changing experience. I have yet to find out my host family and my class schedule but it will be here any day now. For now, I have to do something with this overflowing suitcase full of shoes and borrow some heavy dumbbells so I can I squeeze everything into it. Or I’ll just have a couple of friends over to sit on it while I zip that thing up! I’ve got to bring clothes some how…

What do you expect me to do? Go to Spain naked?